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The Laissez Fou Rêver Company was formed following the ZE MATCH! project, which emerged within the context of Le Samovar school.

One of our main desires is to open up our universe to all horizons and all audiences, thanks to our lightweight stage equipment and universally accessible language, which involves mime work that stimulates the audience's imagination.

Laissez Fou Rêver is an invitation to observe the absurdity of the world through children's eyes by the means of a clown performance. The company's universe is inspired by multidisciplinary artists who mix burlesque, clowning and dance, such as James Thierrée, Camille Boitel, Tricicle, and Christian Tétard.

The company is based in Paris and La Rochelle


Simon Pierzchlewicz Clown

Simon Pierzchlewicz

Lautaro Valenzuela Clown

Lautaro Valenzuela

friends and partners

Center Paris Anim' Wangari Muta Maathai


The Night Owls

Five Foot Fingers

Claude Bokhobza

Jalie Barcilon

Stéphane Majolet

Gilles Dantzer

Clement Stoltz

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