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Two gentle, naive beings, who love each other, find themselves caught up into the spirit of the age: the spirit of competition. They are drawn into a merciless tennis game. Using vengeful cups, the sporty and eccentric duo confronts each other with uncommon energy. The euphoria of the competition gradually challenges the two protagonists’ humanity.

ZE MATCH! offers a burlesque, clownish show combining mime and acrobatics. A tennis game during which the rules end up spilling into the public space and among the audience.

“ZE MATCH!” » is a 45-minute form for family audiences for two performers. A short 10-minute format is offered which fits perfectly into cabarets. “ZE MATCH!” » can be played several times per day (3 times maximum).



creation and interpretation
Simon Pierzchlewicz and Lautaro Valenzuela

outside view
Thomas Trichet

sound creation
Colin Favre-Bulle

graphics and communication
Anne-Sophie Rami

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